My name is Jeff Garbutt, founder of Prime Loyalty Domain Brokerage and Web Design Company.  I have been in the domain industry for over 18 years.  As I have become part of an amazing domain community, I have learned so much from my peers. One of the things I have learned over the years has brought us to the creation of this site.

This site was designed because my experience brokering domains has made me realize the following:

1) A domain broker is hired to sell a premium domain name by a client, and;

2) A domain broker is hired to acquire a premium domain name by a client ; usually a corporation.

So let’s say I have a premium domain that I am brokering and another broker is looking for that exact domain to acquire for their client. The problem is that neither of us know that the other one is buying or selling that exact domain that will mutually benefit both of our clients. That’s why I came up with the idea for a “Premium Domain Brokers Exchange”.

Here you will be able to create a profile, collaborate with other brokers in the business, post “Buy Requests”, post domains that we are selling for clients, post “co-broker” opportunities, post recent acquired domain names and collaborate with our peers.

Two main things to understand if you reached this page.

  1. This is not a public forum! 
  2. This Forum is free of charge.       

In order to ensure a successful forum, the following guidelines will be strictly enforced:

  1. All members will be strictly vetted by moderators.
  2. You must be approved by the moderators as a proven premium domain broker in the domain industry to join.
  3. All posts will be screened for spam before posting.
  4. If you post any spam, you will be removed from membership.

In order to facilitate the approval process, please fill out as much information as possible during the registration process so that we may expedite the approval process.