Frequently Asked Questions

This is where we will post answers to any of the questions that our membership asks of us. Please check back for more info as it comes.

How can I speed up the membership approval process?2019-11-07T14:55:09-05:00

We ask that you provide as much information at registration so that we can properly vet out all members. We prefer you use a business email address instead of “gmail” or “yahoo” because this is usually the first sign of a spammer. Filling out any social media accounts, phone numbers, etc. will also help us verify you quickly.

Why are there so many questions on the domain brokers exchange registration form?2019-11-07T14:55:03-05:00

In order to provide our membership with the best experience and properly vet members, we need you to provide us with as much information as possible so that we can approve your membership more efficiently.

What does it mean if my membership was declined?2019-11-07T14:54:57-05:00

If you were declined membership at this time, that means that we were unable to identify you as a legitimate domain broker in the industry. You can always contact us via the contact page and provide more proof for consideration.

Why is it taking so long to be approved?2019-11-07T14:54:52-05:00

In order to create a professional and elite group of domain brokers, we must take our time researching and vetting members to ensure that the member applying is 100% legitimate.

Is this Service Free?2019-11-17T21:40:47-05:00

This forum of elite domain brokers is a service free of charge. Collaboration in our field is priceless.


Are the members really vetted?2019-11-17T21:41:14-05:00

We research and vet all members before they are accepted into this forum. This will ensure that there are no spammers and that only premier brokers are granted access.